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July 15, 2017
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Cooking is more cost effective if you plan well! Food choice is important, and planning is easier with these rules:

Make a list
A good old purchase list, based on your wishes (so – take your time to think what you want to cook this week!), Will help you not lose yourself in the supermarket shelves and booths at the market. Keep yourself planed and always have in your head a meal – or even better, more – that you will prepare with the ingredients you buy.

Use the residues
… or plan more dishes right away. The chef’s chef should not be the basis of just one lunch, with it you can “solve” it all week. Do you have bread leftovers? Prepare rounds. From the mains of cabbage, you can also prepare salad and dessert with seasoning, soup and also a complex … In this way you not only exploit any surpluses but work on a more varied menu, which will be appreciated by all the locals, especially those younger.

Mashed potato? Here we get ideas. Are you curious about banana? Try these desserts. Are you the rest of your wine? Make sure you use it.

Order according to freshness
Have you been baptized every now and then on a weekly market visit? First, prepare foods whose life span is shorter – so you get more tasty meals, but also reduce the risk of food spoilage. Blend, spinach, kale and parsley should take precedence. Dumplings, broccoli, apricots, rosemary and peppers can wait for the day, and at least the rush with root vegetables, cabbage and onions.

Expand your weekly shopping plan – you can list them on a paper or wall board. When a reminder in a visible place, it’s easier to keep it! This is also an idea in the implementation of which you can include in-house.

Plan with the foods you already have
Before you pick up a new list, take advantage of what you already have in a refrigerator or pantry. This will avoid unnecessary expenses and take advantage of the stock.

With good access and little planning, you will be able to dedicate yourself to finding new recipes and more creative use of ingredients – and you are already in the right place!

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